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Optimum cleaning ultrasonically.

Even flow rates, for even power output.

Accurate leak testing and electrical integrity of each injector.

* Injector tested on a flow bench before cleaning and rebuilding. (Results are documented.)

* Injector is disassembled; filter basket, O-ring, and pintle cap.

* Injector ultrasonically cleaned, pulsed and back flushed.

* Injector is reassembled with new filter, O-ring and pintle cap.

* Injectors are cycled through a 10,000 RPM stress test.

* Injector re-tested to insure that they are performing properly and checked for leaks. (Results are Documented.)

* Any injector still showing irregular spray pattern, leaks or poor flow rates should be replaced.

* Each injector is hermetically sealed for shipping, to insure injector remains free of debris and moisture until it is installed.

* 95% of injector problems can be solved by proper servicing so long as they are electronically and mechanically sound.

* Should be a part of every major tune-up.

* Many hours are wasted in E.F.I. fault finding. Eliminate the fuel injectors as a potential fault.

* Prevent lean cylinders and warranty claims when fitting rebuilt engines by insuring proper and even flowing fuel injectors.


* High Performance customers can be assured of having even flow to all cylinders and therefore maximum power potential.

* Completely satisfied customers *

* Money back guarantee if flow is not increased! *

* Return Freight pre-paid by EPI! (UPS Ground) *

Any irregularity in the flow of the injectors will affect the entire engine management system.
Injectors must operate as a balanced unit, matching each other's delivery quantity, spray pattern
and air/fuel mixture.

Injectors very seldom fail all at the same time. They simply clog up and the injector's
performance deteriorates.

Less than 5% of injector failure is mechanical or electrical. The other 95% of failures are
restorable to as new condition by our service.

Fuel gradually contaminates the inside of the injectors, leaving a residue which restricts fuel flow.
Flow rate can be reduced by up to a quarter by as little as a 5 micron film deposit inside the

A ten percent restriction in flow rate is enough to cause a noticeable deterioration in

Filter baskets inside the injectors with 30 to 40 micron screens will filter objects larger than 20
microns. This will help protect the injector from becoming clogged by bigger deposits, but can
limit flow as the basket fills up.

With the area between the pintle and seat being as little as 6 microns when the injector is open,
filter baskets cannot provide full protection, injectors become clogged and the spray pattern is

Intense heat can cause oil films, varnishes, lacquers, tare and carbon in the fuel to accumulate on
the pintle and seat.

Leaky valve seals allow oil to build up. Injectors are subjected to exhaust gas recirculate through
the intake system.

Any deterioration of injector performance, particularly in the hyper-sensitive closed loop
catalytic systems which are common today, can lead to a reduced fuel economy, flat spots and
weak acceleration, excessive exhaust emissions, poor starting, jerkiness, backfiring and poor gas

Fuel activities can slow down the buildup within the injector but any solvent strong enough to
dissolve all debris is going to destroy vital elements such as solenoid bobbins, the O-ring seals
within the injector and plastic pipes in the fuel delivery system.

Injector replacement is available, but diagnosis by substitution is primitive and costly and does
not address the root of the problem. Replacing only some of the injectors does not achieve any
balancing of the injectors within the set.

This deficiency is equally true of engine management systems, whose oxygen sensor is unable to
identify poor performance by individual injectors, so it will adjust all injectors uniformly, having
detected either too lean or too rich a mixture. This still leaves an imbalance across the cylinders,
that can only be corrected by the proper cleaning process, which is performed by utilization of
the latest state of the art equipment.

Ultimately, servicing the fuel system and injectors must be the ideal solution!

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